Staying in Greater Montréal as a Temporary Worker

Continue your Montréal adventure with a post-graduation work permit

Have you fallen for Montréal’s charm and want to stay here after your studies? A post-graduation work permit will give you access to the Canadian job market so you can continue your adventure. Keep reading to find out how you can apply for the permit (which will give you the freedom to purchase Canadian essentials like a winter coat and snow boots!).

What is a post-graduation work permit and why do I need it?

So, what exactly is a post- graduation work permit? This important document with temporary status allows international students to extend their stay after they graduate. It’s a springboard that will give you the opportunity to gain valuable work experience in your field and advance your career in Québec.

A new chapter with a world of opportunities

This open work permit gives you the freedom to work for any employer you want. And here in Greater Montréal, the job choices are endless! The region is booming right now in a diverse range of sectors, all looking for fresh talent—from information technology and artificial intelligence to health, aerospace, video games and more. According to a 2018 Nestpick survey, Montréal is the second best city for millennials. And according to a 2019 report by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, Canada is the place where international students can enjoy the best working conditions in the world.

Not only will this permit give you the freedom to work, it will give you the opportunity to build work experience in Canada—experience that will help with your future application for permanent residence. It will also give you access to social security benefits in Québec and Canada, including Québec health insurance (RAMQ), which will come in very handy if you catch the winter flu!

Immigrating to Canada (just like winter!) can be a long and draw out process. And temporary renewal procedures may also take some time. Be sure to apply for your post-graduation work permit as soon as possible, and be aware of how long it takes to process an application filed from within Canada.

Am I eligible for the permit?

To be eligible for the post-graduation work permit, you’ll need a degree, diploma or certificate from a designated educational institution (university or college) after studying for a minimum of eight months.

You must also have maintained a full-time student status in Canada for the duration of your studies (with a few exceptions). Before you start working on your application, make sure you meet all the eligibility criteria.

Any tips on how to apply that I should follow?

You have 180 days after you complete your studies to apply for the permit. After this period, you’ll no longer be eligible to apply. Be sure to check the expiry date on your passport, as the term of your permit will be shorter if your passport expires before the end of your eligibility period.

How long will my permit be valid for?

The duration of your permit depends on the duration of your studies. If you studied for eight months, you’ll have access to the job market for eight months. If your program was for three years, you’ll be able to work for two to three years.

What documents will I need?

You worked hard for your degree, and now’s the time to show it off! Proof of your degree or diploma is just one of the documents you’ll need to include with your application.

You’ll also need proof of your study permit, a copy of your passport and a photo ID. You may also be asked to undergo a medical exam (which should be a breeze compared to your final exams at school!).

How much will the permit cost?

The cost for applying from within Canada is $255. But keep in mind that applying for your work permit might help you when it comes to applying for your Québec Selection Certificate and permanent residence. And best of all, you’ll be able to start working as soon as you get it!

Applying for your permit may seem like a lot of work, but the payoff of getting a job at the end makes the process more than worth it. And in Greater Montréal, there are countless jobs to choose from.

Contact Accompagnement Québec

Accompagnement Québec is a free personalized service offered to immigrants. Whether you are in Québec or abroad, it is designed to facilitate your integration and participation in the Francophone community in Québec.

There are integration assistance agents from the Ministère de l’Immigration, de la Francisation et de l’Intégration (MIFI) available in all regions of Québec.

These agents can assess your immediate or future needs and help you prepare a customized action plan so that you can:

  • Come to live in Québec (Settlement)
  • Discover Québec society (Community life)
  • Learn French (Francization)
  • Join the labour force (Employment)
  • Be better informed about the immigration steps (Immigration procedures)

To learn more, go to the Government of Québec website. Are you planning to register? Don’t forget to mention that you have been referred by Montréal International.