We regret to inform you that our “I choose Montréal” mandate has come to an end, along with our activities involving international students, effective March 31, 2024.

However, this portal will remain accessible until December 31, 2024, serving as a valuable resource, particularly for its comprehensive listing of educational institutions.

We remind you that our trusted partner Desjardins is available to provide assistance and guidance with your financial planning..

And if you are job hunting, check out our Talent Montréal website, dedicated to international workers.

We wish you the best!

The Montréal International team

I choose Montréal is an initiative of Montréal International, Greater Montréal’s economic development agency, developed in partnership with the Government of Québec.

I choose Montréal is an invaluable resource for:

  • Letting future international students know about the student experience in Greater Montréal and subsequently supporting them as they decide to live and work in Montréal
  • Supporting employers in the region (foreign and local companies, international organizations, startups) in their recruitment efforts
  • Supporting educational institutions in promoting Greater Montréal’s academic programs

3 main areas of focus

1. Attract international students

I choose Montréal is working actively to promote Greater Montréal around the world among individuals interested in studying full-time in Montréal:

  • Rollout of digital promotional campaigns
  • Organizing activities  in Greater Montréal and recruiting missions abroad
  • Organizing virtual fairs  to connect students with educational institutions
  • Sharing key information  on the ichoosemontreal.com website and social media channels

2. Retain more international students

The team supports students studying in Greater Montréal by organizing a host of live, work and immigrate activities:

  • Live: Discover the quality of life in Greater Montréal
  • Work: Learn more about thriving industries and take part in networking and recruiting activities with popular employers
  • Immigrate: Attend on-campus and online information sessions to learn about the permanent or temporary immigration process (organized in partnership with Québec’s Ministère de l’Immigration, de la Francisation et de l’Intégration)

3. Support employers with their recruitment

I choose Montréal highlights international student job applicants to Greater Montréal employers through targeted activities, for part- and full-time jobs, during and after their studies:

  • Connect with international students in Greater Montréal through recruitment, networking and information session activities on campus and off campus
  • Promote job opportunities on I choose Montréal’s digital platforms
  • Connect international students with educational institutions and their various services and departments/faculties
  • Provide valuable information in terms of obtaining work permits and Québec’s and Canada’s immigration process for international students