COVID-19 | We are all in this together

March 30, 2020

Consult the following government sites regularly to make sure you don’t miss any important information about COVID-19:

Protect ourselves and our society

The High School Musical song (“We’re all in this together”) – which I am certain you have heard before – is simply not just a song anymore. Many people are dancing with it, many are singing this song right now; however, what matters is that COVID-19 is here, and we can do our best to protect ourselves and our society. As a university student, I know it is extremely hard to stay at home. I know some people are bored, some are scared, and some are still struggling to buy toilet papers even though the last group is kind of a blur to me. I am fully aware of the fact that buying toilet papers is crucial despite the fact that I am not fully aware of the reason.  

But in this article, I want to share steps that can be taken to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe. The few hard steps to make sure we can look back at this moment later knowing we did all we could, and we did not put any lives in danger. 

Social distancing  

Well, I am balanced between being introvert and extrovert, so my introverted side is grateful now that there is enough time to do my personal stuff; however, as for my extroverted side, I can say the opposite. Being stuck at home is one of the hardest parts of this pandemic. For kids who enjoy “Fortnite” the story is a bit different. I am sure they can manage better than you and me.  

Boredom is inevitable, but you are the Ironman of your life. So, instead of nagging about how bored you are, you can try writing to-do lists. This is the best time to read the book you have always wanted to read, to watch a new series or even, like me, start writingI would probably say it is the time to study new stuff. For those of you who once hit the gym, there are lots of free apps now which encourage you to work out at home. Just please try not to lift furniture, I am sure parents would not approve. 

OCD’s heaven 

According to doctors, now we need to wash everything. Mock me all you want, but I even wash my pack of cereal. I guess people with obsessive-compulsive disorder are having the time of their lives. Washing your hands hundred times a day is one thing, using tons of moisturizes to keep your skin healthy is another thing. But the one thing that scared the heck out of me was the fact that I should not take my cellphone out with me. The reason is clear because you touch it, but, since I started not taking my phone outside, I realized I get lost so quickly. It is like I have never seen Montréal before. I defiantly enjoy my time shopping without my phone but then again I find myself wandering around, asking people where I should go. However, to see the bright side, I can say I am having daily adventure going to groceries and coming back. 

I spend endless time on washing. Washing my hands, washing my groceries, washing my student ID card, and washing my keys.  

“Mr. Stark, I don’t feel so good”

When you are exposed to lots of information, worries about the virus, the anxiety you defiantly feel sick. It all started when I cough. I got so anxious and terrified that I started calling my parents, boyfriend and at last the number for COVID-19 cases. Then I thought about focusing on my breathing which even made it worse because focusing makes breathing slower or faster. It was in that moment I knew this is going to be the end of me. That’s it. I was no longer a survivor. I was simply going to die, [not to mention or be overly dramatic but] alone  

Well, I was experiencing a mild case of Nosophobia – the fear of developing a specific disease. As we listen to the number of cases increasing every day, it is affecting us. When we are stressed out, our body tends to be weakened because the brain thinks that we are in immediate danger, so we go through certain steps. These steps are good in short term dangers, but in the long term, it weakens the body, so in case your body faces the real issue it cannot easily defend you. 

What we can do about it, is to relax. To know deep down that our body does its best to protect us and to know that if you are facing more serious problems there are people in hospitals that will help you. You can no longer prank your friends, but do not forget to write down your ideas, these hard times will finish soon. 

So do not panic, protect yourself and stay safe 

We are all in this together.  

The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Montréal International.