A day in Verdun

August 17, 2022

For those of you looking for a vibrant location close to downtown Montréal and the water, Verdun is the place to be. It runs along the river, is surrounded by parks, an active shopping strip, and pretty neighbourhoods with charming buildings—this is Verdun in a nutshell. It takes 10 to 15 minutes by metro to get to the heart of downtown Montréal.

It’s the ideal place for families, young professionals, students or anyone who is looking for some peace and quiet with many conveniences nearby.

When I arrived in Montréal, I decided to live in Verdun. Within my first few days here, I discovered a peaceful place that was just as lively as downtown. I strongly recommend that you enjoy a perfect day in the heart of Verdun!

A stroll along the water

To start off a wonderful day in Verdun, there’s nothing better than taking a stroll along the banks of the St. Lawrence. Along the water’s edge is a bike path, where you can go on a nice long bike ride, take a stroll or do some skating. On this walk, you can enjoy tree-filled parks, sports facilities and picnic accommodations or simply just hang out on a bench or a blanket on the grass. You can easily get carried away by the pervading good mood, plus the relaxed and peaceful atmosphere and take advantage of the good weather. Everything is in place for anyone looking to enjoy a good time with friends or family, or simply enjoy nature alone.

Should you extend your stroll, you can wander to Parc des Rapides, which has a bird sanctuary and is a beautiful outdoor getaway next to the city. Benches and tables provide picnic space so you can enjoy the park with a view of the mountains.

How about some ice cream?

You will come across the Crèmerie Verdun ice cream shop on the banks of the river. It’s a quick stop along the water for the young and old alike with a craving or needing some refreshment. You can take your ice cream to go or eat it at the tables set up along the water. The view of the river makes for a delicious moment.

Urban beach to cool you down

Verdun has set up an urban beach on the river’s bank, so residents can go for a swim when it gets sunny. You can get a tan, have a picnic, hang around and enjoy the cool water for a relaxing moment, reminding you of a cottage vacation. The beach also has fun activities, such as slides, for the kids. It’s the perfect place for a relaxing moment.

Go to Promenade Wellington for some shopping

Wellington Street has many shops, restaurants, bars and coffee shops for everyone to enjoy. Starting in June, the street becomes pedestrian-only so people can enjoy a peaceful stroll to discover Verdun’s summer charm. Restaurants open their patios so you can have a coffee or cool drink while taking in the Verdun ambiance.

You can hang out, discover things along the street such as Boutique Brock-Art, which carries many local handmade creations. It’s the perfect place to find a beautiful decorative piece or a present for a loved one. You will get swept away by the shop’s ambiance and beautiful finds.

You can also find beautiful and unique items at the thrift shops and feel good about doing a good deed. Verdun has many places like that with a great diversity of shops.

Coffee break at Komma Rosta

After you’re done shopping on Promenade Wellington, I recommend you make a stop at Komma Rosta coffee shop. It was one of my first finds when I arrived in the neighbourhood. The shop’s decor is outstanding and original, and it has good, warm service. It has the unique combination of a coffee shop and Japanese treats, you need to check it out! Take the time to have a delicious coffee with a pastry made in house and slide into one of the theatre-style seats to savour it all.

Once you discover the charm of Verdun, you’ll love it!

Verdun is a lively neighbourhood that you must explore. It has so many restaurants and lots of activities to keep you busy throughout the year. The patios are getting bigger, music is everywhere and there’s a general festive ambiance. So go for a stroll along the river or the shopping strip, discover some quaint shops, the alluring smell of coffee and pastries, and let yourself be charmed by this charming, lively neighbourhood.

The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Montréal International.