What’s the Workplace Culture like in Québec?

The business world in Québec attracts a large number of workers from abroad. Here is a brief overview to help you better understand the Québec workplace.

Opportunities for advancement

There is a hierarchy in Québec, like everywhere else but it’s more flexible. Not only are motivated and talented employees are able to move through the ranks of an organization pretty quickly but, in general, executives and management are approachable.

Informal is acceptable

As an example, in French, using “vous” when you first meet someone is polite. But after that, using “tu” with colleagues is accepted for the most part, regardless of age or position, which makes it easier to approach different people in the hierarchy of the company. It’s one of the many ways in which Quebeckers are very open, kind people.

Dress for success

We recommend checking with your employer as to what the applicable dress code is at your company. While in some sectors such as law or finance, there is a stricter dress code, in other areas employees dress more casually.

Your personal life is valued

Office hours are generally from 9 am to 5 pm so that employees can take care of children or have a social life before or after working hours. If the day ends earlier, you still have plenty to do. The lunch break lasts an average of half an hour to an hour.

What about time off?

In Québec, employees usually start off with two-weeks of vacation. This may vary from industry to industry. In addition, several companies close between Christmas and New Year’s. There may be less vacation time in Québec than in Europe, for example, but the daily quality of life makes up for that.

Work-life balance… it does exist!

Québec’s laws work in favour of young parents. Parental leave can last up to one year. Daycare centers are accessible to everyone and companies often accommodate parents according to their needs, whether by offering them a more flexible schedule, the possibility of working from home or reducing the number of working days.

Values are important

Equality, flexibility, respect, trust and teamwork are important values ​​inside of Québec companies. What’s more, when employees take initiative it’s extra appreciated by entrepreneurs.

In the summer, some companies start half an hour earlier and close half an hour later so they can give their employees Friday afternoons off.