Founded in 1992 and located in Montréal, the School of Digital Arts, Animation and Design at the University of Quebec at Chicoutimi (NAD-UQAC) is a university campus offering academic programs and research in 3D animation, visual effects, design and digital arts. For 26 years now, the school has educated thousands of 3D animators working in reputable companies around the world in different industries: film, television and video games. Since 2008, NAD School is associated to UQAC, welcoming each year over 350 students in quality degree programs.

On this campus, several programs are offered:

Many courses, designed to respond to the industry requirements, are also available at NAD School.

In addition, the School shines internationally: from Chicoutimi to China, via France and Belgium! Through its partnership with the Tianjin University of Technology in China, the Bachelor of 3D Animation and Digital Design – Visual Effects Concentration for Film and Video has been taught to nearly 400 students since 2012.

Thanks to exchange programs with European institutions (ENJMIN, EMCA, HEAJ, HOWEST and Brassard Schools), NAD School is able to welcome students from international partners, and also offer outgoing mobility to the students.


Why choose Nad School?

  • Almost 30 years of expertise
  • 10% of international students on the Montréal campus
  • 80% of the graduates find a job in their domain 12 months after graduation
  • Over 2,000 graduates worldwide
  • Privileged link with the video game, animation and visual effects industry

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