Piknic Électronik: A festive weekend ritual

September 22, 2022

A staple of the Montréal experience, Piknic Électronik brings together electronic music enthusiasts who love to vibe with friends. Every Sunday from May to October, you can feel the Parc Jean-Drapeau vibrate to the rhythm of the DJs and the cheerful crowd. Nestled along the Saint-Laurence River, this large playground includes food trucks, many bars, hammocks, a volley-ball court, and the famous bucket, the event’s signature cocktail, to enjoy. It’s an affordable musical adventure that will allow you to see your favorite artists, and discover many new ones, without breaking the bank.

OfF Piknic: A reinvented classic

Piknic regulars can enjoy a reinterpretation of their favourite festive Sundays. OfF Piknic presents a series of summertime concerts with internationally renowned artists. These events take place in the same location at slightly elevated prices on selected Fridays and Saturdays from late afternoon to nightfall. With the incredible line-ups they’ve prepared for you, you won’t be able to resist.

A must-do

A staple of the Montréal student experience, Piknic Électronik is one of the many boxes to check off when spending time in the city. It ranks right up there with the smoked meat sandwich from Schwartz’s, bagels from Saint-Viateur (or Fairmont, a debate for another time), and club nights on Saint-Laurent. Check it off your bucket list (with a bucket in hand ?) and get ready to want to go back every weekend!

To find out more and discover their line-ups, check out their website.

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