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19 avril 2020

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The Organization

The Global Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition network (GODAN) is an International non-governmental organisation composed of a thousand partner organisations from more than 115 countries across the globe – and it continues to grow.

GODAN was conceived in 2013, when G7 leaders committed to the creation of a mechanism designed to promote the use of open data to stimulate knowledge and innovation in agriculture and nutrition. This led to the constitution of GODAN.

GODAN is presently implementing a programme focused on the use of digital technologies in agriculture which will raise incomes, improve yields and lift communities in Africa and Asia out of poverty. The UK Department for International Development (DFID) is a strategic donor for GODAN and has recently launched a new eDIAL (Enhancing Digital and Innovation for Agri-food systems and Livelihoods) programme. Focusing on impact, DFID has assigned GODAN a central role within eDIAL. Along side this work GODAN supports its partner network, helping to design and launch new open data policies which creates a good environment for open data-based innovations to flourish in the agriculture and nutritional sectors.

In the context of engaging with partners and programme activities the Communications Associate will play a key role in ensuring high quality, relevant and timely communications are delivered on social media platforms, GODAN’s website and via traditional media outlets. The role also calls for someone who is inspiring and can develop partner-to-partner dialogue – aimed at increasing knowledge about the value of open data and how it can make change happen, making lives better for millions of individuals.

Position Overview

  • Start Date: Immediate, with a rolling review of all incoming applications
  • Salary: Competitive salary and enrolled on a group benefits package
  • Location: Macdonald Campus, Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue

This new role offers an exciting opportunity to help make a difference to the lives of millions of people worldwide, and to give voice to those who are working to improve agricultural and nutritional outcomes. Knowledge of the data environment and a keen understanding of agriculture or nutritional innovations is a real plus, but ability to learn about a growing area that combines improving health, well-being and protecting the environment is a plus. The post is ideal for a candidate who has a scientific background but above all is creative and eager to communicate to a diverse range of audiences.

A keen eye for detail, not only in the presentation of content but also in delivery of stylish communications is essential. The successful candidate will have the confidence and ability to translate complex concepts into understandable language for audiences around the world.

The postholder will ensure technical excellence in data management, research and building relations with partners and the general public to ensure GODAN’s messages are clear, coherent and engaging. The ability to entertain and amuse audiences will certainly be an asset as important ideas or activities are brought to the attention of those who need to know, but have not yet heard.
Under the direction of the Executive Director, the postholder will build and maintain media content for GODAN, ensuring partners feel connected and numbers of viewers/visitors/followers grow to appreciate the value of open data in agriculture and nutrition.

Duties & Responsabilities

  • Implement GODAN’s communication strategy.
  • Keep track of GODAN related matter published in the media.
  • Draft media releases, and supervise listings and media kit development.
  • Initiate, plan and supervise media promotion of GODAN activities.
  • Oversee weekly correspondence and interactions with partners.
  • Edit GODAN texts and communication material.
  • Develop visual content for social media.
  • Develop and consolidate relations with the media.
  • Guide staff in their external communications.
  • Develop promotional communication materials such as print-outs, pamphlets and Webpages in coordination with staff.
  • Contribute towards GODAN’s image through appearances and strategic planning.
  • Record, review and update GODAN’s communication strategies.

Activities to be delivered by the Communications Associate

  1. Provide text and content that provides news and reports on the on-going activities of GODAN partners and GODAN Secretariat activities. To promote the work of open data for agriculture and nutrition, and builds understanding and knowledge about GODAN’s activities.
  2. Build the online following, visitors and interactions on the GODAN social media platforms, increasing coverage and supporting the reach described in the DFID programme narrative.
  3. Increase the quality and relevance of content presented on the GODAN website and ensure high quality content increasing followership. To review, edit and improve the content uploaded to the site, so as to be build interest, reviews, interaction with partners and other followers.
  4. Support the delivery of news releases and connections with traditional media outlets so as to increase knowledge of open data for agriculture and nutrition. To help promote up-coming events in which GODAN Secretariat and partners are presenting or engaging with audiences or at conventions, conferences or other public events. To help place content on sites and with traditional media that grows audience numbers.
  5. To provide GODAN Secretariat management analysis of social media numbers, providing strategies to assist the growth of followers and interactions.
  6. To support the editing of communications material in all areas as agreed with GODAN Secretariat management.
  7. To provide communications support and advice that effectively increases GODAN’s profile and improves the number of followers/interactions.
  8. Support building the capacity of the communications associate/assistant at the GODAN Secretariat office in Montreal.

Required Skills

  • Ability to speak, write and deliver content in English, with French also an advantage
  • Has a media related qualification or experience that proves competency
  • Has a qualification related to one of the following; data, agriculture or nutrition, or relevant work experience in one or more of these areas

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