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30 novembre 2019

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About the job

The structural assembler performs subassemblies and assemblies airframe structure and / or ensures the assembly of equipment, according to the technical definitions aircraft manufacturer.

Your responsabilities

  • Conduct an inventory of components prior to assembly
  • Learn about the products for use (Technical Instruction, Security)
  • Use the tools at its disposal for assembly
  • Assemble aero structures elements either established or on aircraft using fasteners (tempered Rivet, Mechanical Rivet, fixing with screws)
  • Assemble metal parts and / or composites
  • Trace, sharpen, adjust, drill, ream, deburr, check accostages
  • Use technical data of client (production, quality, safety, instruction sheets, lines, environment, installation instructions, maps …)
  • Ensure the technical development of the assembled unit after control
  • Use sealants, metallization, anti corrosion, paint refinishing …
  • Report all discrepancies
  • Know and apply the rules, procedures and processes relating to its operations and where to find them.
  • Check compliance of their work with the generic and specific standards defined in the technical documentation of work
  • Know the rules of specific health and safety in its activities. Use the facilities of individual and environmental protections
  • Report all work

Our offer

  • Group insurance
  • Competitive salary
  • Dynamic environment

Our requirements

  • PSC (vocational training certificate), CAP / BEP General mechanics, Editor airframe, aircraft CQPM Editor or equivalent cell.
  • A Certificate in safe driving (CACES), a permit or authorization security, conditioned by a medical fitness exam to periodically renew may be required

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0 à 2 ans

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Gestion opérationnelle et logistique

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Français, anglais

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Jusqu'au 30 novembre 2019