What Language Do You Need to Know to Work in Greater Montréal?

French is the official language in Québec. Therefore, to become an active member of society and find work in Greater Montréal, you need to master it. That said, a knowledge of English can be an asset for some professions when job-hunting in Greater Montréal.

French, the Normal and Everyday Language of Work

The provisions of the Law relative to French as being the normal and everyday language of work are laid down in the Government of Québec’s Charter of the French Language. Because of this, all workers in Québec have the right to work in French. Moreover, for companies employing 50 or more employees, by registering with the Office québécois de la langue française the Charter offers these companies a method and deadlines to implement French at the center of their activities.

English as an Asset

Some jobs require the knowledge of English in addition to French. This is especially the case within international companies where one may have to work with partners worldwide.

Many resources are available to gain a sufficient knowledge of English. Public teaching institutions and private language schools offer onsite or online classes.

However, if you do not master French well enough to get a job, you need to develop your knowledge of Québec’s official language before you learn English. On this topic, you may consult the francization service offer by the Ministère de l’Immigration, de la Francisation et de l’Intégration (MIFI) du Québec.

The MIFI’s website also provides various useful links to improve your English.

According to Statistics Canada, 72% of Montrealers work in French, 19% in English and 8% in French and English.

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