What are the Employability Resources in Greater Montréal?

Are you planning to work in Greater Montréal and Québec workplaces leave you feeling perplexed? You needn’t feel baffled; there is a wealth of resources and organizations that can help you find an internship or a job, in addition to showcasing your skills and work experience to employers in Québec. So don’t worry!

Important Documents

The curriculum vitæ (otherwise known as the CV or the résumé) and the cover letter are two must-have documents for your job search.

The Emploi Québec website provides a description of each topic that should be included in the Québec version of your CV. Try to write it in a clear and concise manner, using perfect writing.

Don’t forget to change it according to each job offer that you respond to!

A portfolio is another tool that allows you to showcase your accomplishments (especially if you are working in a creative industry) that is increasingly popular among applicants. Here’s a site that explains the basics of the professional portfolio.


Were you asked to go to an interview? Here’s a bit of advice from Emploi Québec on how to prepare and be at stand out at your interview.

Organizations that Specialize in Employability

Everywhere in Québec, there are organizations that make employability support their mission. Here you can find a comprehensive directory of these organizations on the Emploi Québec website.

Resources for Youth

To encourage the professional integration of youth, the Fondation Ressources-Jeunesse, for example, offers job search workshops and a host of personalized services!

A significant proportion of jobs will be filled without an offer ever being published, hence the importance of developing your network.

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