Mobile phones in Montréal: Stay connected

Like most people in the world, Montréalers can’t live without their cellphones! Here are some tips to help you find the best service provider and plan so you can stay connected with your folks, friends and Instagram followers! 

Take your pick of providers 

There’s a world of choices when it comes to finding a cellphone provider in Montréal, all providing similar coverage. Your main options are Fido, Rogers, Public Mobile, Koodo, Telus, Virgin, Bell, Fizz and Vidéotron.

All of these providers offer online service (often including live chat), quality phone service and multiple points of sale across Greater Montréal. 

Choose your plan wisely 

You could flip a coin to decide which plan to go with. Or (for less random results!) you could use the 2019 cellphone plan comparison tool from Protégez-Vous, a Québec magazine specializing in consumer protection tips. 

With up-to-date information and an accurate and customizable search engine, this comparison tool will help you find the perfect plan for you. And best of all, it won’t cost you a thing!

Know your priorities before picking a plan  

The cost of plans varies from country to country. And what they include varies, too. Some plans give you more talk and text minutes, while others offer more data. Take the time to figure out what you tend to use more of before signing up for a plan. 

Another thing to remember is that data isn’t always unlimited. And how much you pay for roaming will depend on your personal usage. Not sure how much data you’ll need every month? Fido has a handy calculator tool to help you out. 

A phone plan for every budget 

The mix & match plan: In Canada, you can talk, text and roam for an average of $71 a month, which gives you 1,200 talk minutes, 300 texts and 1GB of data. Don’t forget to put a little extra aside in case you go over your allowance

The old-school plan: Only plan to use your phone to talk? Hey, that’s why the phone was invented! If that’s the case, you can find a plan with unlimited talk minutes for as little as $30 a month. It’s a great way to save money and remember what it was like to ride the subway with only a book to keep you occupied! 

The unlimited plan: Prices range from $60 to $130 depending on the device you have (or want to buy with your plan) and on your provider. If you opt for an unlimited plan, you should know that your phone carrier can’t charge you any excess fees. To learn all about your rights as a consumer, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission’s Wireless Code is the perfect bedtime read (when you’re ready to fall asleep!). 

Finally, stay on the lookout for flash sales and special offers for new arrivals to Canada. Most companies offer some great deals at different times of the year.  

Save by bringing your own phone from home

Can’t imagine life without your cellphone, even for a few minutes? No problem! Bring your own phone with you when you move to Montréal and you won’t have to pay to finance a new one every month! It also gives you the freedom to choose any supplier you want. Plus you won’t be tempted to splurge on the latest device as soon as it hits the stores! 

Montréalers say oui to Wi-Fi 

Get ready to search for networks and remember a bunch of passwords because Montréal is the land of Wi-Fi. In every neighbourhood in Greater Montréal, you can find tons of cafés serving up free Wi-Fi with their cappuccinos. 

And cafés aren’t the only place you can get your Wi-Fi fix. You can connect in restaurants, shops, subway stations, hair salons, gyms, government buildings, libraries and educational institutions. Even some parks are covered! Take your pick of options to lower your monthly phone bill. 

With the Île sans Fil app, you can easily find free Wi-Fi spots near you. So you can stay connected while you explore your new city, whether you’re getting a haircut, grabbing a coffee or catching up on some reading in the park. 

Your phone is a big part of your life. It’s always with you, keeping you connected to the outside world. So now you know how cellphones work in Canada, you can check it off your moving to-do list. But don’t forget, you’ll also need a roof over your head! Here are some accommodation tips to help. 

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