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December 17, 2019

Founded in 2018, Airudi is a company specialized in computer software development human resources animated by artificial intelligence. We are working with the best research scientists in software engineering
in Canada, and looking to expand the team! If you want to contribute to the development of a young company and want to grow with it, this internship is for you! By joining our team, you will contribute to the development of a young company in full growth and you will participate actively in rewarding and stimulating projects.

Airudi introduces PAM, its virtual assistant expert in human resources that supports companies in their daily decision-making. She converses with her users both orally and in writing. It covers issues of productivity,
labor relations, health and safety, legal issues / risks, and employee performance management. The analysis of the dialogues that it generates makes it possible to be attentive to the users, to understand their intentions, their needs and to do the necessary to answer them – by modification of the business rules at first, then by machine learning at a later stage.

Skills and expertise

  • Machine learning, with focus on computer vision, natural language processing/generation etc.
  • Knowledge/Previous Studies in cloud computing will be a plus
  • Development and testing under the following environments: Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Android (Android studio), iOS (X code)
  • Knowledge of software development (algorithmic, data structuring, software architecture, etc.);
  • Agile development: incremental approach, sprints, iterations, testdriven development;
  • Knowledge of programming languages and current frameworks in the web world (Python, PHP, Ruby, JavaScript, Angular.js, Bootstrap, etc.);
  • Test and validate the codes developed (unit and functional tests, implementation of code analysis tools, etc.);
  • Have good knowledge of Unix operating systems (Linux);
  • Standard network protocols (TCP / IP, routing mechanisms) and the most common application protocols (HTTP, SMTP, DNS, etc.);
  • Web interoperability protocol: REST, JSON, OOAuth;

Being part of our team means you’ll…

  • Participate in projects with high technological content: the latest technologies for highly visible projects;
  • Enjoy the coaching of a team of experts;
  • Work in a casual, modern and dynamic work environment;
  • Enjoy accessible office, which is near metro;
  • Get to use state of the art equipment;

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Years of experience

0 to 2 years

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Type of job

Full time


French, English


Until December 17, 2019