Name of employer
November 08, 2019

Company description

Bodyform3D designs softwares (mobile app) that makes 3D scanning of the human body possible from any mobile device.Our technology is targeting the market for healthcare professionals including those that capture the human form. Our team is young and dynamic and we offer flexible working hours. We are located in the Centech, next to Bonaventure metro station.

Job’s field

  • Computer science / vision
  • 3D reconstruction
  • Geometry & data Processing


  • Post-processing: Analysis of point clouds. This essentially concerns the correspondence of measurements between the real world and the virtual world (3D reconstructions) through augmented reality libraries.
  • 3D segmentation: Identification of different objects in a reconstructed 3D scene or different parts of the same object using geometric techniques

Expertise and Skills (optionnal)

  • Extraction: Automatic keyframes selection in the captured images.
  • Automatic and dynamic management of key points (e.g., elimination of irrelevant points, additions of points, etc.)
  • Non “key points based” approaches (e.g. deep matching)
  • Knowledge of 3D libraries: OpenCV / Visual SFM /SLAM / Open3D
  • Use of RGBD images and absolute metrics (Augmented Reality libraries)
  • Point cloud processing (P.C.L., Cloud Compare, MeshLab)
  • Python, C++

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Artificial intelligence

Years of experience

0 to 2 years

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Type of job

Full time


English, French


Until November 08, 2019