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October 31, 2019

Interested in working on cutting edge technology such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) or Advanced Analytics (AA)? Does an opportunity to create innovative digital solutions and transforming industries excite you? Are you a someone that is curious and has passion for leadership and technology? Look no further!


  • Ability to work with the client directly to understand and meet their requirements
  • Ability to travel when needed for project team meetings or knowledge transfer Expected: 30%.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication abilities: must effectively communicate with technical and non-technical teams
  • Participate in teams working in an Agile/Scrum or Waterfall process and ensure the stories/tasks are well defined and have all the information and tools to be successful
  • Ability to work independently on tasks with minimal supervision
  • Ability to work in teams and be open to comments and feedback
  • Ability to learn quickly and to adapt to a fast-paced environment
  • Knowledge in AI, Machine Learning, and Deep learning

Required Skills

  • Experience: Having completed at least one internship in data modelling or in data science using Python or R
  • Experience in Python libraries such as Pandas, NumPy, SciKitLearn, MatPlotLib, Keras
  • Fluency in English or French, both oral and written. Bilingual proficiency will be preferred


Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, Computer Engineering or Software Engineering (other backgrounds are considered combined with the right experience and personality to be a great technical leader!) Preference will be given to experienced candidates with Master’s or PhD credentials.

Practice Areas

As a junior data scientist, you will have the opportunity to work on projects in the following areas:

  • Internet of Things (IoT): IBM Watson IoT team is a global leader in helping clients re-invent their businesses with IoT by enhancing efficiencies in manufacturing, operations, asset optimization, financial services, and supply chain management. We use IoT in combination with Watson and use tools such as Machine Learning, Visual Recognition and Chatbots to create innovative solutions for our clients. Learn more.
  • Watson Artificial Intelligence (Watson AI): Businesses are using AI now more than ever before. From banks training AI to empower their digital workforce to telecommunication companies setting up smart chat bots to transform customer service, AI is being scaled across industries at an enterprise level. Learn more.
  • Advanced Analytics (AA): At IBM, we help our clients collect, store, organize, integrate and use their data that is more useful than ever before. We help clients Automate processes, visualize data to find valuable insights work on data modeling for machine learning and forecasting. Learn more.

The ideal candidate will work within a team and with our client to ensure the projects are delivered with the highest quality and meeting the requirements. Above all we are looking for someone with a great attitude, high energy, and focused on execution and accountability. Someone that will work with our clients and teams to deliver the best solution.

Name of employer

IBM Client Innovation Center

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Years of experience

0 to 2 years

Job category


Number of available positions


Type of job

Full time


French, English


Until October 31, 2019