Montréal: A city with a lot to offer

February 3, 2021

In addition to being one of the top student cities in the world, Montréal is also a great place to settle down in. For my part, I came to Montréal at a young age. I grew up and went to school in this bustling city full of culture.
I’ll be graduating soon, and I don’t see myself going to live in any other city in Canada. Or anywhere else in the world.
In my eyes, no other city can take Montréal’s place. This is one of the best cities where to build your future, which is what I decided to do!

A student or adult entering the work force can find infrastructures that are highly accessible in terms of knowledge, such as the Grande Bibliothèque de Montréal. This library is located downtown, just next to the Berri-UQAM metro station, the meeting point of three metro lines.
Why is the Grande Bibliothèque so useful? Simply because of the impressive number of books it contains, and especially because it’s free and has computers and many quiet study areas. When leaving the library, remember to take a walk through the Quartier Latin (Latin Quarter), a charming neighbourhood with a lot of great places to eat.

Also on the cultural front, Montréal has many museums which sometimes offer free exhibits, such as the renowned Montréal Museum of Fine Arts. Montréal is also known for hosting the International Jazz Festival and Just for Laughs Festival during the summer. Another fairly popular and free event is the Montréal en lumière festival, which features Nuit blanche for night owls, with a lot of activities. The city has many parks, with the best known one being Mount Royal, which provides breathtaking views of downtown Montréal. But what I love the most is the fact that you can also go ice skating there in the winter.

Speaking of which, I absolutely must tell you about the many student discounts available in the city. For instance, as a student you receive a discounted rate on the public transit pass, which is essential for getting around the city. Students pay about half price for the monthly transit pass. There are also student benefits and discounts at a lot of other places, especially bookstores, banks, restaurants, sports centres, and clothing and electronics stores. Here’s a good piece of advice: Always make sure to have your student ID with you at all times so that you can benefit from discounts all over the Island of Montréal.

On a different note, Montréal is also a city where parents can find a lot of human and financial resources for their family life. There is home child care and private daycare, as well as early childhood centres. Prices vary from one location to another, but are still very reasonable. In fact, students’ parents can benefit from financial assistance to pay for their children’s daycare. There is also a lot of government financial aid, for both students and parents.

In short, there are so many reasons that support my decision to stay in Montréal.
I made the decision to stay for the quality of life the city provides.
The rents are reasonable, you get good deals, and activities don’t cost a lot or are free.
I would like to create a life here with my family not only because I feel safe, but also because Montrealers are very respectful, open-minded and especially very friendly.
Last of all, life is good here. Both in summer and winter.

I hope that this article has given you new insights on living in Montréal. I invite you to discover all the hidden treasures, which Montréal has to offer. The city is full of opportunities that are just waiting for you!