Continuing your education in Montréal

May 5, 2020

Whether you are here to pursue your education or you simply want to know what it is like to study here, there are myriads of unanswered questions. Which university is more suitable for my area of studies or which major is more needed and more practical are some of these questions. Although to answer these types of questions you need to have someone professional to guide you through your options, I am here to provide you with some general knowledge you may find useful.

Three universities here are among the best ranking institutions in the world. Pretty impressive, I would say. However, I am not here to give you information about the rankings or how professional they are. I wanted to simply make your life easier as international students by telling you things you must know. So sit tight and join me in this article to find out more about impressive details regarding student life.

Be alert for events

Universities dedicate so much time and effort for events. This is your chance to find out more about your areas of interest or other majors as well. You may be a business student who is attending Artificial intelligence sessions, or you may be an engineering student who loves Art hives. This is your chance to discover things you may never knew about yourself. Who would have thought I enjoy ice-skating if it was not for an event held by the university. After my enjoyable experience, I even thought maybe I’d enjoy Hockey as well. Do not laugh; Hockey is a sacred sport if you are Canadian.

Challenging yourself

Not as scary as it seems, on the contrary, it is more exciting than you can ever imagine. It was a while ago when I came to ETS University, finding myself among crowded tables and people with coffee in their hands and sleeping bags all around the university. When I asked my friends about this madness, they have explained that it was a three-day challenge for game developers. I was both surprised and terrified because I cannot imagine not showering for three days, but those people were determined to win the game, and that was truly amazing for me as I have never seen that much determination and eagerness in my life. So I took some time watching what they did, and next time if there would be such challenges for mechanical engineers, I personally promise myself that I would join the competition if it is not more than a day though.

These types of challenges are not only for engineers or game developers, so I recommend you put your abilities into practice, test yourself, and there is no better place than universities for that. They help you, provide you with knowledge and resources; they give you feedback and may even introduce you to some excellent companies.

Do not be afraid of testing your knowledge. The most valuable information does not come from theories, they come from your mind, and what you can do with what you already know, and I assure you, Montréal universities are truly good at supporting your extraordinary ideas.

Have some fun

It is not all about learning and studying. It is about finding new friends and having fun. Fortunately, they care about this stuff more than you do. So before you think about spending money going somewhere with your friends to have a joyful evening or night. Just take a quick look at universities’ plans for your weekends. From student discounts on some events such as the Montréal Auto Show, which is once every year, to casual trivia nights with excellent themes, you are free to choose according to your own taste.

Montréal Auto Show gave discounts for students, and I do not need to tell you what it feels like to see the latest cars with international brands and novel technologies. Nevertheless, the part I truly loved was the old cars. They reminded me of the very old black and white movies.

However, most of us are a fan of a casual night out with friends, so next time you are walking in your university, listening to the music and checking out that cute girl or guy do not forget to see flyers as well.

Long story short, universities care about how you feel. They know as international students, you may feel a bit down and reserved. This is way different from where I have lived before. I did not expect them to care about my night sleep, but they even have a student program in which you can call somebody and just tell about your day. They listen to you, and that is the beauty of it: they try to understand, and for me, that is more than enough.

The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Montréal International.